What ilanga does

Center Confidence for Children

ilanga is pleased to have found a partner in the foundation Confidence for Children to open a centre for children in Ethiopia.


In this centre, the foundation offers single mothers an daycare centre where they can leave their children between the ages of 1 and 4 while they work. The children are looked after at the centre during the day and receive a warm meal. The caregivers also prepare the older children for school. 

Women Empowerment

Together with the Office for Women and Children Affairs, ilanga selects the women for the one-year programme according to various criteria. The trainings on topics such as dealing with stress and trauma, hygiene, nutrition, education, but also on life skills and business topics prepare the mothers for the next step: With the seed money, they can build a small livelihood that enables them to support themselves and their children. Those who do not want to set up a microbusiness are prepared for vocational training. At the end of the year, the mothers can participate in exchange groups with other alumni. In these groups, they manage their money and support each other with their different experiences.

After-school activities

Once the children go to school, they can do homework, get a snack and be with their friends after school at ilanga. The caregivers help with assignments, organise competitions and also provide a small library. Children whose mothers are not in the ilanga programme also have the opportunity to participate in after-school care. This is done in consultation with the school and ilanga. 


The after-school care also aims to support the children in their school career and to create the best possible conditions for them. For example, activities are organised during the school holidays. 


Hereby, the ilanga team is also supported by volunteers.

Restore Hope

Since the beginning of the armed conflict in northern Ethiopia in November 2020, more than 3000 medical facilities have been destroyed. Medicines, consumables and medical equipment have been broken or stolen. This has resulted in up to 5 million people suffering from inadequate or no medical care, especially children and women.


The Ethiopian Ministry of Health is asking all Ethiopians, businesses, donor organisations, professional associations and civil society for support: together, the health facilities are to be repaired. ilanga would like to support the Ethiopian Ministry of Health with this sub-project. That is why we are coordinating the aid and collecting medical material.

Restore Hope

Travel differently with ilanga

On the trips that ilanga organises, these sustainable projects, local initiatives but also schools, orphanages and hospitals are visited. In this way, ilanga would like to make a further contribution to these institutions and thus to the people of Ethiopia. With the trips you support ilanga directly with one percent of the travel costs.  




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