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Support mothers, help children

We provide single mothers and their children a new perspective in Ethiopia

Not only does ilanga-founder Annemarie have bright eyes and is happy here, but also the supported mothers and their children.
Not only does ilanga-founder Annemarie have bright eyes and is happy here, but also the supported mothers and their children.

We promote and facilitate the holistic welfare and development of vulnerable children and empower vulnerable women (especially single mothers) to become economic independent. We support single mothers with their children to stustainably improve their everyday lives and simultaneously their children's development and future. Additionally, other projects for the benefit of children and adolescents also benefit from our resources and know-how. 


ilanga means 'the sun', the light of the sun, the warmth of the sun. With our projects, we want the sun to shine and warm the hearts of all people.


A professional, motivated and optimistic team striving to ensure sustainable development through engaging and deticated work in Ethiopia.


Single mothers and their children often suffer from poverty and exclusion.  ilanga help women with income generating activitys  to become independent.


Small amounts can make a big difference. Every donation directly benefits families. On-site-work is partially remunerated.

The success story

There is a lot in one seed!

Having a disability is not only a challenge for the person concerned, but also for their families and society. Kiya, a 10-year-old boy, lives with his mother in a simple plastic earth hut in a slum of Addis Ababa. His mother, Birhane is doing everything she can to improve his health.

In hope that he could be cured from his disability (both physically and mentally) Birhande sold all her possessions to pay for his treatments.

Her two daughters are healthy, but sadly Kiyas condition has caused his father to leave the family. He refuses to support the family. The father has blamed Kiya for the impoverishment of the family. Kiya is staying at home, doesn't attend school and doesn't receive proper nutrition.

His mother does her best to organize food and to be able to send all her three children to school is a real challenge.

Over the past decade, Birhane and her family have been through a lot of stress and have suffered. Birhane had to carry this whole load on her shoulders alone. As a new perspective and way out, Birhane wants to create a small business that focuses on catering and preparing coffee for the local people. She believes that she can earn a decent income for her family this way. With the income she hopes to be able to send her son Kiya to school and relieve his sisters of heavier work for the family. For her self-employment, she needs a microfinance to put her idea into practice. She's been longing for a "tree to plant for the family! Where is that single seed? "

Birhane has found her seed! ilanga has given her the credit and she's already made it very far in a short periode of time with her incredible positive, hard-working and strong personality. Birhane has been able to carry out her own idea and today runs a small coffee stand

nearby a bus stop. She also has a small portable kiosk, produces liquid soap and washes the work clothes for a local garage. She's already been able to rent a new home with a courtyard where she now has a vegetable garden. She has two subtenants to make her rent more manageable. Birhane can now better feed her family and send all her children to school. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of support for her son Kiya. She wants to improve his situation by producing charcoal. Since she has already been saving money, ilanga has provided the money for it and is striving to find tools and support for Kiya


Birhane: „The money from ilanga and the freedom to implement my own idea has brought a turnaround in my family's life! I am utterly grateful to ilanga and will continue to work hard so that I can take advantage of this unique opportunity.


Thanks to all of you who make this support possible through your donations! Thank you so much!!



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