WHAT ilanga DOES

Getting started

Women and children are often on the lowest ranking of the social ladder, therefore ilanga has decided to support single mothers and their children in Addis Ababa. These single women can start their own business with  little help and create a sustainable life for their children and themselves. This gives children the opportunity to develop and go to school.


These women receive help through psycho-emotional

support and training by our team. Their independence and "ownership" for their actions strengthen their self-esteem so that they are able to solve problems by themselves.

More local projects

Other local projects, initiatives and organizations that work with children, adolescents and women deserve the help of ilanga. During the trips that ilanga organizes, the groups visit sustainable projects, local initiatives, schools, orphanages and hospitals. This ensures that ilanga makes a further contribution to these institutions and the people in Ethiopia.


With the trips your donations support ilanga directly with five percent of the travel expenses.






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